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720 Trapezoidal Steel Metal Roof Sheet Making Machine Delivery to Zimbabwe On December,09,2022

Author: STEELMAMA     Publish Time: 2022-12-07      Origin: Roof panel making machine

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720 Trapezoidal steel roof sheet roll forming machine delivery to zimbabwe On December,09,2022

We are having a rich experience of 13 years into the business of Roll forming Machine line, Steelmama has penetrated the Overseas market in Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Türkiye, the United States, Peru, Mexico, Nicaragua, Chile, Bolivia, Russia, India & Many Asia Country ,Steelmama manufacturing and exporting wide range of best quality Roll Forming Machine & Roll Forming Line in China and world wide.

Máquina de calamina trapezoidal

What is a trapezoidal roof? What is a trapezoidal profile?

The profile is made up of a series of corrugations, each in the shape of a trapezium, (referred to as Trapezoidal Profile) which lap together side to side and end to end, making it very easy to cover varying areas of roof quickly.The profile sheets are typically coated steel, but can also be supplied in aluminium, and have mastic seals located in the end and side laps.  Fixings are located normally through the 'pan' of the profile, rather than through the corrugation.Profiled roof sheets are normally best suited for finished roof pitches greater than 4°.  They can also be used for barrel vault curved roofs in specific Elite Systems

How to make Trapezoidal Profile Roofing Sheets?

Trapezoidal Roofing Roll Forming Machine can create trapezoidal profiled roofing sheets by forming metal/steel coil. They can be called differently upon countries as below:

  • Rib-type Roofing Roll Forming Machine

  • Spandek Roofing Roll Forming Machine

  • Trimdek Roofing Roll Forming Machine

  • 4 Angles Roofing Roll Forming Machine

  • 5 Wave Roofing Roll Forming Machine

There are various rib-type profiles depending on the country, including 5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14 rib type, but the most common is the 5 rib-type profile.

Watch video below to understand how profile roll forming machines operate:

Which roofing sheet is cheaper?

Galvanised steel sheets

These are carbon steel sheets coated with zinc, produced through a process known as continuous hot dip.  Galvanised iron sheets are one of the most popular roofing materials in southern India.  They are affordable, durable and easy to install.  However, they are not suitable for all climates and can rust over time.  If you live in a humid or coastal area, consider using aluminium or stainless steel instead.  Sheets of galvanised iron are available in varied gauge thicknesses and sizes.  Zinc with aluminium or zinc coatings was used on this sheet to provide anti-corrosion treatment.

Metal roofing sheets

Metal roofing sheets are eco-friendly roofing solutions, as they can be recycled.  Generally, they are made of tin, zinc, aluminium and copper.  Metal roof sheets are similar to corrugated roofing sheets in terms of the composition but they have fewer curves.  You will find numerous styles, textures and colours in this class of roofing sheets and can make a choice between contemporary or traditional designs for your home.Advantages: They are easy to install and can be customised for building rooftops, depending on factors like durability, price, energy efficiency and longevity.  Roofing panels made of metal can withstand extreme weather conditions like heavy rains, snow and even fire.  They are also pest-resistant and are preferred, owing to their longevity and durability.  Metal roofs are excellent insulators and are widely used in garden buildings, garages, backyards, household cladding and industrial roofs.

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steel cold roll forming machine-steelmama

About  Steelmama

STEELMAMA was founded in 2009. Since its inception, STEELMAMA has always uphold the "create a first-class enterprise, first-class talents, first class contribution" vision, to create a well-known "STEELMAMA" brand.

STEELMAMA’s main business is to "project" as the theme of “CHINA STEEL AGENT SERVICE”, leading products for steel profile machinery include roll forming machine, press brake bending machine and other steel processing machinery, and steel coil include PPGI coil, GI coil, Aluminium coil, Alu-zinc coil and steel strips and plates, also steel building material like metal roofing sheet, purlin sections, H steel, welding mill tube and some hardwares to be global brand.

We design and manufacture a wide range of good solutions and products for companies operating in the sheet metal, construction, and manufacturing industries.

Our goal is to provide flexible machines with good ease of use and high quality, where our designs and solutions give customers unique benefits and experiences.

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