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How Do You Make Shipping Containers?
Most shipping containers are made from maritime-grade corten steel, sometimes referred to as 'weathering steel'. Corten steel is an alloy. which means that it is a combination of steel and other metals. When a container is exposed to the elements, a thin layer of oxidisation (ie. rust) forms on the outer surface of the container. This creates an extra lay of protection on the container, which prevents further rust. Corten steel is used to manufacture most components of a shipping container because it can be welded
Marine-grade corten steel is used to make the following parts of a shipping container:corrugated walls,frame,cross members (ie. beams or joists),cargo doors.Container roof panel is a important panel parts;The 5corrugated container roof panel is used widely,also provide 4corr,3corr.
Shipping Container Parts and Assembly
Anatomy of a shipping container
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