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Steel Coil Processing Machine
We have experience of exporting  to Argentina, Russia, Australia etc.
What it is Steel Coil Processing
Steel coil processing transforms steel coil into various shapes and sizes to produce an easier to handle product for further processing. The two most common processing techniques are known as ´Cut-to-Length´ and ´Cut-to-Width.’

What applications use steel coil processing?

What applications use steel coil processing?
Because of the versatility of the steel plate/slotted coils produced via steel coil processing, the applications are very widespread. From forming the shells of airplanes, ships and cars to uses in home appliances and water tanks, we find this process used across many sectors.
It’s also not uncommon to use it to create high volume, pre-engineered products typically found in the construction industry, such as cable trays and prefabricated steel panels.
What types of cable tray are available?
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