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Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine
CZU purlin Machine
STEELMAMA is a market-leading manufacturer of lightweight steel Wall and Ceiling Roll forming machine, as well as complementary accessories, including Steel Angle bead Roll Forming Machine and Top Hats Making Machine. Machine video
Metal framings include furring channel, carrying channel, studs, tracks, wall angle, and main frame channel used in concealedl grid gypsum ceiling of light weight structure. Two most commonly used frames are metal U Track, used as the horizontall framework of stud partitions, in conjunction with vertical studs (C Studs). Strong, lightweight, simple to install, and available in a variety of sizes, metal studs and channels provide for the ideal and cost-l effective wall and ceiling applications when used with several layers of gypsum board.
We have CAD Drawings across our full range of Ceiling and Wall Systems,We produce lightweight steel roll forming machine for all kinds of drywall channels,such as:Drywall roll forming machines,Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine,Automatic C Stud & U Track Drywall Forming Machine,ceiling t bar roll forming machine,furring channel roll forming machine,Our machines have various qualifications and are customized according to your needs, including product size, thickness, production speed, and accessory brands.
Types of Light Steel Roll Forming Machine: