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Roll Forming Systems for Cable Trays
We have experience of exporting our cable tray roll formers to Argentina, Russia, Australia etc.
A cable tray system used to support insulated electrical cables used for power distribution and control and communication as an alternative to open wiring or electrical conduit systems. In fact, STEELMAMA 'S goal is to be a leading provider of information to design and engineering professionals engaged in the design of Cable tray roll forming machine. In addition, Cable tray systems are the right solution for running large quantities of data cables overhead or under-floor. so, these systems are known as baskets, trunking, or cable fact, Our full line of Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine Cable Tray applications are available on the youtube channel that can be accessed by clicking STEELMAMA Cable Tray youtube.
What is a cable tray system?Cable trays are components of support systems for power and communications cables and wires.A cable tray system supports and protects both power and signal cables and facilitates upgrading, expanding, reconfiguring, or relocating networks.

Cable tray roll forming machine

Cable tray roll forming machine
Cable Tray Making Machine
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