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What Kind of Decoilers Are There in Roll Forming Machine? 

Author: steelmama     Publish Time: 2024-01-02      Origin: roofing sheet machine

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A decoiler machine is a type of equipment used to uncoil metal coils, which are typically used in manufacturing processes such as stamping, forming, and roll forming. The process of uncoiling involves unwinding the metal coil from a spool or reel, and then feeding it into a production line where the raw material is transformed into finished products.

Decoiler machines are commonly used in the metalworking and manufacturing industries because they help to simplify the coil handling process, reduce waste, and increase production efficiency. The machines are available in various configurations based on the type of material being uncoiled and the desired production specifications.
Some common features of decoiler machines include pneumatic or hydraulic tensioning systems, electronic or manual speed control mechanisms, and safety guards to ensure employee safety during operation. Decoiler machines may also be equipped with straightening systems or other accessories to further optimize the production process.

metal coil decoiler

If you have any specific inquiries or would like to discuss winding processes further, please feel free to contact me anytime.

As a professional manufacture of making roll forming machines, we can provide you various kinds of roll forming machine. In addition, we also can provide you all kinds of decoiler. Most cold roll forming machine need the decoiler to load the coil and uncoil it in a turntable way. I will introduce you some decoilers in the followings.


steel coil decoiler

Hydraulic Decoiler Machine

A hydraulic decoiler machine is a type of equipment used in metalworking and steel processing operations to uncoil and unwind large, heavy metal coils. This machine is suitable for weight from 3tons to 25tons and is designed to help operators easily load and tighten the metal coil, much more efficiently than a manual tightening system.

The hydraulic decoiler machine typically consists of a sturdy frame with a spindle or mandrel to hold the metal coil, hydraulic cylinders to control the tightening and unloading of the coil, and a hydraulic loading car to facilitate the loading process of the metal coil onto the decoiler.
The hydraulic cylinders provide the necessary force to tighten the coil in place and slowly unwind the metal as it passes through the production line. The hydraulic loading car is used to move and load the metal coil onto the decoiler, which is then secured and tightened using the hydraulic cylinders.
Hydraulic decoiler machines are commonly used in large-scale manufacturing operations, including automotive, construction, and metal fabrication industries, where heavy-duty metal coils need to be processed.
Overall, the hydraulic decoiler machine significantly reduces the time and effort required to load and tighten metal coils, while ensuring efficient and safe material feeding for further processing.Hydraulic decoiler machine is suitable for weight over 2000kgs, are used to facilitate the work of operator and facilitate the inner tightening process, for higher weight rolled sheet metal that can not be done used using manual tightening system.

When the hydraulic decoiler is used, the process of loading the roll onto the decoiler will be facilitated and speeded up. Using a hydraulic loading car will further facilitate the loading process and shorten the time as well.

sheet metal decoiler

hydraulic decoiler machine

Motor Decoiler Machine

There is a motor active drive, forward rotation and reverse rotation by the motor drive, reduce the load of the machine on the unwinding machine when working with the machine.

Motor Decoiler

Electric decoiler

Manual Decoiler Machine

Manual decoiler machine is located at the beginning of the metal sheet stamping line, It is an assistant machine for roll forming machines, slitting machines and cutting to length machines which can supply the material to these lines.

Motorized Manual decoiler is design for the low weight metal coils uncoiling, it's located at the beginning of a process line used to hold and safely pay off or uncoil the steel strip,usually configured with the sheet metal straightener, NC servo feeder machine and power press machine.

Motorized Manual decoiler can uncoiler the coil strip from 70mm to 800mm width, from 0.2mm to 6mm thickness and load the weight up to 2tons. Usually it’s suible for the inner diameter 450-530mm, and outer diameter 1200mm.

Manual Decoiler Machine

Manual Decoiler Price

What's more, if the thickness over the 3mm thickness, we suggest add the pressure arm to avoid injury the operator due to the excessive flexibility ofA Motorized Manual decoiler machine is a valuable tool located at the beginning of a process line, designed to safely and efficiently uncoil low weight metal coils. This machine is often configured with a sheet metal straightener, NC servo feeder machine, and power press machine to create a complete production line.
The Motorized Manual decoiler is capable of uncoiling steel strips with widths ranging from 70mm to 800mm, thicknesses varying from 0.2mm to 6mm, and a load capacity of up to 2 tons. It is typically suitable for coils with inner diameters between 450-530mm, and an outer diameter of up to 1200mm.
It's important to note that, to ensure operator safety while working with thicker materials above 3mm in thickness, a pressure arm can be added to the Motorized Manual decoiler. This feature enhances safety by reducing the possibility of injury resulting from the excessive flexibility of the material.
Overall, the Motorized Manual decoiler provides a reliable and effective solution for the safe uncoiling of low weight metal coils. This machine is a versatile and essential tool in production lines, as it improves efficiency and helps reduce the potential for injury, delivering high-quality results with every use.

Daily product maintenance

In order to make the life of the decoiler more durable, we need to carry out daily maintenance carefully. The steps are as follows:

1. Lubricate each oil cup lubrication and artificial lubrication point as required.

2. After the power is turned on, perform the upward and downward movements of the lower roller in both directions and the upper roller to check whether there is any abnormal jamming in each movement.

3. Strictly according to the uncoiler coil processing procedures and operating methods to operate, in the upper roll up and down to the limit position, we must pay great attention to the safe operation of the equipment.

4. When the main drive is stopped, the upper roller can be lifted and lowered to reverse the tilting of the bearing and tilt the upper roller.

After the uncoiler has finished its work, it is necessary to clear the site after the completion of the work, and to maintain the equipment well and shut down the power in a timely manner.

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