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Welding Operations In Tube Roll Forming

Author: steelmama     Publish Time: 2024-03-07      Origin: steelmama Auto Square Tube Machine

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Overview of galvanized pipe making machine

Oval pipe tube machine refers to machinery that either bends, cuts, or forms tubes and pipes into various shapes and sizes permanently. hese metal oval pipe machines work tubes constructed from materials with high ductility and malleability such as stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, and titanium. Most tube forming techniques are metal coldworking processes.

There are several types of oval pipe tube roll forming machines that transform blank straight tubes into more useful tubes.Each type modifies the geometry of a straight tube differently and typically involves material deformation.There are countless applications of formed tubes;

Oval Pipe Tube Machine

Oval Tube Machine

Welding Operations In Tube Roll Forming

To firmly weld flat metal ends together during tube roll forming, different welding operations can be utilized depending on specific requirements.      

One common method is high-frequency induction welding (HFI), which uses electromagnetic fields to heat and weld the edges of the strip together.      

Laser welding is another option that offers precise control over heat input and creates clean welds.

Welding rolls play a critical role in securing the integrity of welded tubes during the operation.      

These specialized rolls hold and guide the material as it passes through the welding process, ensuring proper alignment and fusion between metal ends.      

Choosing an appropriate welding method depends on factors such as production volume, desired weld quality, available equipment, and material properties.

welding pipe making machine price

Meta welding pipe machine

Tooling Materials For Forming Rolls

The tooling material used for forming rolls in tube roll forming is crucial for achieving efficiency and precision.      

One widely preferred material is aluminum bronze, known for its excellent sliding properties, high hardness, and low elongation.      

These properties make it ideal for facilitating the forward rolling movement and shaping of the metal strip during the roll forming process.

The sliding properties of aluminum bronze enable smooth movement between the rolls, reducing friction and wear.      

The high hardness of this material ensures resistance against wear and extends the longevity of the forming rolls as they shape the metal strip.      

Additionally, its low elongation provides shape stability during roll forming, contributing to consistent results.

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