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What Is Roller Shutter Door Panel Roll Forming Machine ?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-03-05      Origin: Site

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This roller shutter door panel roll forming machine makes corrugated panels, not slats, to joint each other horizontally for manufacturing rolling shutter doors.     Different from slats, door panesl are usually more economic and colorful.

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A roller shutter door panel roll forming machine has much similar function as a roller shutter slat roll forming machine does, and both roll forming machines are designed for producing roller shutter doors.

However, the specific products made by the two type auto shutter door machine are different: one is Roller Shutter Door Panels and the other is Roller Shutter Door Slats;

the construction details for two types of roller shutter doors are different neither: one type of roller shutter consists of many horizontal rolling shutter slats, and the other is composed of three or four pieces of roller shutter door panels only (depends on the specific height of doors);Raw materials that the two types of roll forming machines handles with are different:

rolling shutter door slats are made out of Galvanized steel, prepainted steel or alloy aluminum steel strips, while roller shutter door panels are made out of pre-painted steel.

Euro Type Shutter Door Machine Price

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Introduction of rolling shutter door machine

A shutter door making machine has been designed for producing the corrugation sheet panels which are jointed together horizontally to construct roller shutter doors (not for corrugated roof panels), a type of door that is open and close by means of raising and lowering along roller shutter door tracks or roller shutter guide rails on each side of doors.

A auto rolling shutter door machine usually cooperates with a lock seaming machine;

shutter door roll forming machine

Roller Shutter Door Panel Roll Forming Machine

after the roller shutter door panels are roll formed, two or more panels have to be seamed together through a lock seaming machine to construct the roller shutter doors.

A roller shutter door panel roll forming machine generally consists of a decoiler (a hydraulic decoiler is optional ), a main roll forming machine, transmission system, a cutting tool, hydraulic system, a hydraulic oil pump, a PLC control cabinet and runout tables.

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