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What Purpose Do Purlins Serve in A Steel Building?

Author: steelmama     Publish Time: 2024-03-27      Origin: steelmama roofing sheet machine

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To understand this we really need to get down to the basics of roof purlins in metal construction.Purlins are an integral part of a pre-engineered structural steel package. Such structural supports extend through the rafter beams perpendicularly.   Often known as “sheeting sheets,” purlins provide the roofing portion of a steel building’s secondary framing.Three structural functions are provided by metal roofing purlins.

Firstly, the roof is protected by the purlins.Second, purlins tie the rafters together, stabilizing and reinforcing the rigid framing of the frame.And the third, between the spans of the individual framing bays, purlins provide additional support.As an added benefit, purlins increase the resistance of the system to excessive rainfall.

u purlin machine

U Channel Making Machine

Why are Purlins Considered Reliable Building Materials?

Height of buildings rising almost to the sky, apartments, factories and warehouses can be seen everywhere you go.This concrete jungle has now become people’s backbone to get a perfect place to rest, work, dine, and do other things.What needs to be understood is how these high – rise buildings as well as several hectares of warehouses are built using highly strong materials.

A variety of construction materials available on the marketplace are the very thing that makes it look so amazing to build, factories and other facilities and allow it to last longer effectively.Purlin is one of those highly common architectural materials among varied materials that can be used efficiently to help and support roof deck or sheathing.

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Automatic Size Change Type C Purlin Machine

Why one should buy Purlins made by Steelmama:

Steelmama Purlins are made in automatic machines with a Pre Cut and Pre punch facility.

Steelmama Purlins gives dimensions accuracy thus easy installation at site.

Steelmama Purlins are made in different thicknesses, Web, GSM Coating and tensile strengths.

We manufacture “C”, “Z” and “U” Purlin to make a complete range of cold rolled purlins under one roof.

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