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How To Operate The Roll Forming Machine?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-12-27      Origin: Site

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To Know the Roll Forming Machine (in 5 minutes)

Nowadays, with the development of industrial zones, factories, warehouses, houses, the demand for roofing sheets is increasing, leading to the growth of Roll forming machine factories.   So what is the roll forming machine?   How many types of roll forming machines are available?   How to operate it?   … In this article, STEELMAMA will introduce the roll forming machine so that you can understand more about this one!

How to Operate the Roll Forming Machine?

The Roll Forming Machine is one of the machines used a lot for construction because of its high accuracy and 

durability. Operating the Roll forming machine is not difficult, but in order to operate it smoothly, you need to first understand the rules and standard operations that the company offers.ibr machine

To operate the machine, it is necessary to follow these steps in sequence:

I. Checking before opening the Roll Forming machine

     Preparation before connecting the machine

(1)Add oil

Hydraulic pump oil :# 46 hydraulic pump oil,The amount of oil is about 2/3.

Anti-wear hydraulic oil according to local brand choose similar this kind anti-wear hydraulic oil, reference follow picture

roll forming machine oil

Gear box oil:gear oil

A. Add gear oil into gear box,with the tools to open the red marked nuts. When you see from the gear box oil table, oil is full, then fasten the nut

metal roll forming machine gear oil method

(2)Power cable: 3 live wires

(3)steel coil.

        Steel coils:coil width , coil Thickness

II. Connect wire

  1. Machine electrical source is three live wire and one zero line.

  2. (1)Three live wires are respectively connected with row L1, L2, L3,

  3. (2)zero line with N besides electromagnetism clique public zero line.

  4. (3)U, V. W connected with electrical engine of roll forming machine.

  5. (4)U1, V1, W1 with oil pump electrical engine.

  6. (5)dropping reamer electromagnetism clique control line with K1(11).

  7. (6)  ascending reamer electromagnetism clique control line with K2(12).

NOTE: For the sake of safety, technical people should be responsible for connecting, and all the equipment must be connected to ground line.

2.1 Three live wires (Three fire wires)

roll forming machine wire

2.2 Main motor of roll forming machine

Main motor of roll forming machine

2.3 Hydraulic pump motor

Hydraulic pump motoribr roofing machine Hydraulic pump motor

2.4 Cutter down solenoid valve, K1,Cutter up solenoid valve

roll forming machine solenoid valve

If, when testing the machine, the lifting direction of the cutting blade is opposite to the key mark, and the solenoid valve (K1, K2) needs to be exchanged, the blade lifting can be modified

roofing machine

2.5 Encoder wheel and Limited switch

Encoder wheel and Limited switch

Limited switch Encoder wheel

III. Hydraulic Pump connection and oil adding

3.1 Hydraulic pump oil pipe connection

For this machine it is very simple, there is no mark on the oil pipe.Connect firstly, when testing, if machine goes right, then it is ok.If not, change each to the other, then it is ok.

Roll forming machine pump

3.2 Oil adding

Quantity for Hydraulic oil, there is a filter in pump, the oil up surface not over filter is ok, the quantity about two-third of pump capacity.

roll forming machine pump

IV. Hydraulic Decoiler

4.1) Equipment placement and connection

4.1-1 Put the guiderail under the hydraulic decoiler core

hydraulic decoiler

4.1-2 Put the oil pipes(item2) through the protect chain(Item 1)and put protect chain and the coil car on the guiderail.

hydreulic uncoiler

4.1-3 Connect the Oil pipes as below picture(The factory is already connected)

the same number for oil pipes and Solenoid valve ends to connect together.

Eg: D1 connect D1……..

For Solenoid valve caps,1-1,2-2……….6- 6

Solenoid valve cap connection

Solenoid valve cap connection

Oil pipes at the top of the decoiler

Oil pipes at the top of the decoiler


4.1-4 Connect the power

4.1-5 Put the proximity switch in the middle of decoiler and IBR machine

Function: When the steel coil accumulates too much, it will automatically sense and control the uncoiler to stop working.

hydraulic decoiler wire

4.2 Test the Hydraulic uncoiler

Please test the machine before loading the steel coil

(1)Start oil pump button

(2)Test the positive and negative button

(3)Test tension/loosen button

(4)Test pressure wall open

(5)Test car before or after

(6)Test car up or down

hydraulic decoiler operate method

4.3 Operation as per the video (IBR machine hydraulic decoiler video1)

V. Test and Check IBR Machine

Check the machine connection,Manual operation

①Turn on the power.

②.Check the hydraulic pump

Press oil pump start-up button. Notice turnaround of oil pump electrical engine.

Roll forming machine plc

If the fan spins clockwise,it is ok.

If the fan spins turn counterclockwise,exchange any two wires of U2,V2,W2.

③.Check the main motor

Press“Forward”and “backward” button,to check if machine goes forward and backward accordingly,if ok, then connection is ok  of U1,V1,W1

roll forming machine main motor

If machine goes conversly, exchange any two wires

If machine goes conversly, exchange any two wires of U1,V1,W1

④.Check the Solenoid valves

Press the button of “Cutter up” and “Cutter down”, to check if  the knife goes accordingly.

roll forming machine Solenoid valves

If not ok,please exchange two Solenoid valve caps.

roll forming machine Solenoid valve caps.


Ⅵ. Touch Screen Operation

7.1 Operation for hydraulic decoiler

Operation please refer video“Decking machine hydraulic decoiler video”

7.2 IBR Machine touch screen operation

(1) First step:

PLC table first page show photo PLC,Choose italiano Key.

rolling forminer machine PLC

(2)second step:Manual try machine

Pompa olio accesa → Abbassare il coltello → Solevamonto del coltello → Rotazione in avanti → inversione → Pompa olio spenta → Pompa olio accesa

ibr roofing machine Manually setting page

Manually setting page

(3)Third step :Order setup

Total set up 3 orders, every order set up sheet length and sheet quantity.

roofing machine Order setup

(4)Forth step :Other factory setup

Stanza length, An stanza, End stanza lower, Between the knife to the type, The type down keep, The stanza length adds, The REV distance, Slowly distance, Add, Sub. All above information as factory setup, no need change.then back to(2)Manually setting page

metal roof factory setup

(5) Install the steel coil from the feeding position

feeding the steel coil

Manual forward transmission

Manual forward transmission

When the steel coil reaches the blade position, manually cut the ibr panel

cold roll forming machineibr panel making machine

(5)Auto start

Repeat the manual production until there is no problem with the rolling of the steel coil, and it can be automatically started and automatically produced

roll former machine Auto start

Some Types of Materials Suitable for the Roll Forming Machine

Materials for the Roll forming machine are extremely varieties, but there are generally the following two types:

Metal Steel: The final product is high-strength corrugated iron, good plasticity, but the disadvantage is high cost.

Material of black steel, galvanized steel: Use carbon steel with hardness from 300 – 550 Mpa. To overcome the above phenomenon, it is often galvanized.

Types of roll forming machine

Roofing machine              

Decking floor Machine

C/Z section machine

W Beam  machine

Cable Tray machine

Door Series Machine

Profile production line

Stud/Track Machine

Downspout/Gutter Machine

Container Machine

Section Machines

Storage Rack Machine

Slitting/Cut to length

Pipe/Tube Machine

Sandwich Panel Line

Wire Mesh Machines

Bending and Cutting

Roofing Nails Machine

Punching Press


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